About Us

Red Alert has been providing evacuation schemes since 1995.

Red Alert first came into being in 1995 as Red Alert Safety Services Ltd. In 2001 it became Red Alert New Zealand Ltd and is now called Red Alert New Zealand 2012 Ltd. Red Alert New Zealand 2012 Ltd is continuing the policies and practices that has made Red Alert one of the industry leaders in emergency evacuation consulting.

Our current directors Sandra Thomson and Diane Thomson have worked for Red Alert since 1998 and 2004 respectively. Our staff come from a variety of backgrounds including teaching, building construction and the NZ Fire Service. This depth of knowledge allows us to offer a complete building evacuation package for a variety of buildings.

We currently maintain evacuation schemes for a wide range of clients including nation-wide chains, banks, industrial complexes, shopping centres and high-rise buildings as well as a number of small businesses and stand-alone enterprises. We presently manage evacuation schemes for more than 900 buildings.

Red Alert is a member of the Fire Protection Association of New Zealand. This broad industry body brings together the wider spectrum of the Fire Industry including Fire Engineers and Fire Alarm Agents. Through FPANZ, we have regular meetings with the NZ Fire Service and are working with the Fire Service towards ensuring standards are maintained, changes in the respective regulations are enforced, and consistency is achieved throughout the country in all aspects of emergency evacuation scheme and procedure implementation and scheme maintenance.